Four seasons pottery school

18991_664087030288154_54251627_n.jpgFour seasons pottry school

Four seasons pottery school

Junko Yamamoto pottery school <Four seasons pottery>


Do you not make the ceramics which you use? This pottery class is a reserved system to choose your favorite time and day of the week. Basic Wednesday & Thursday: a PM12:15 ~ 14:15, Saturday & Sunday: AM10: 00 ~12:00(once a month) .Ceramics instructor was trained in Japan • NZ • Italy. There are many prize-winning history in Japan and overseas. Home studio features of the countryside near. Environmental calm, quiet music flows. Maximum capacity of lessons is small group of six. Carefully to you, I will teach to match the level of you. Make a pottery are welcome even for the first time. Please spend a time of talk of the soil. So that I can make fun the first person, I will guidance.
Four seasons pottery Junko Yamamoto

School fee
First school enter fee \8.000
Pottery tool for you \3.000
Clay 1kg \1.200~ (Include berning and glaze fee)

Monthly 3 time cource \7500

Ticket course 10 time(It's effective half year) \27500
Ticket course 5 time (It's effective half year) \14500  

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Only calcination makes the rental kiln the one of request.